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EFT’s remote monitoring systems provide peace of mind, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, via either your own monitoring station or one of our approved partners.

EFT Systems assess and monitor your needs prior to installation, ensuring complete integration of your alarm system.

BT Redcare GSM

BT Redcare
Redcare is a market-leading specialist in secure, monitored communications services, which through EFT Systems help you benefit from automated, intelligent decisions and responses.

With over 25 years of experience, Redcare is recognised as having a world leading platform for connecting, controlling and managing data, serving some of the largest organisations in the world. BT Redcare provides continual monitoring 24-7 of the burglar/intruder alarms installed at your premises through a BT line.

In the event of the telephone line being cut the Alarm Receiving Centre will be notified, to ensure a swift response to any accidental or deliberate damage done to the alarm system.

BT Redcare GSM
BT Redcare GSM provides continual monitoring of the intruder alarms installed at your premises through a BT line. BT Redcare GSM will not only send a signal to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) in the event of the telephone line being cut, but it will also continue to send wireless alarm signals following the line being cut via the GSM network, sending any subsequent alarms to the ARC.

Our bespoke Biometric systems mean that this ingenious technology can be applied to a number of different applications such as access control and door entry.

Digital Communicators

Alarm signalling with the use of a digital communicator is the most cost-effective means of bringing a response to your alarm activation.

Anyone can have a digital communicator and it is recommended by EFT Systems because it gives basic protection against deliberate or accidental damage to your phone line. Any telephone line can be used, with any service provider.

The digital communicator can be likened to a computer modem attached to your alarm system. It passes digital information to a 24-hour alarm receiving centre, which is then able to respond to the signal in accordance with agreed police policy and your personal requirements. Communicators have 8/16 active channels.

Others use what is called "Point iD". Point ID enables the alarm receiving centre to see exactly which room has been entered or which user is deactivating the system, ensuring a quick, accurate response. Point ID can pass numerous different coded signals to the alarm receiving centre.

Signals from your security installation can include:

  • Fire alarm - linked to smoke or heat detectors.
  • Personal attack or duress alarm for times of personal threat.
  • Intruder alarm when someone illegally enters your property.
  • Opening and closing log for your business (enabling you to see who is coming and going and when).
  • Alarm verification when someone has entered your property and moves into another protected area.
Dual Com

DualCom is an alarm signalling device that combines telephone and radio technologies that EFT Systems use to provide continuous security for you and your property.

This combination ensures that alarm signals are always transmitted by DualCom despite any accidental or deliberate damage to one of the signalling paths.

Burglar alarm systems that rely on a single technology can be disabled if the phone line is cut, or the radio fails, but DualCom's resilience provides a secure signalling path which provides a highly reliable police calling facility.

DualCom can be added to compatible burglar alarms quite simply. Any telephone line can be used, and any service provider too. DualCom transmits its signals without incurring telephone charges. Police response for burglar alarm signals, subject to a check by the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) to see if you have made a mistake. Key holders will be called first, unless a confirmed alarm signal is received. Key holders are always informed in any case.

  • Immediate police call without any pre-checks if you push a panic button.
  • Low battery report to key holders if your electricity supply fails when you're not there.
  • Fire alarm signals sent by Dualcom can also be passed to fire brigade, or key holders.
  • We do two maintenance visits in the year when your system is monitored by Dualcom.
Speech Diallers

EFT Systems can install and maintain a speech dialler system to help protect your home or business.

A speech dialler, when triggered by an intruder alarm, will activate the external siren to alert your neighbours and make outgoing calls to pre-programmed telephone numbers and play a pre-recorded message to the recipient.

For example, the speech dialler can contact a friend or relative who lives close to your home, who can investigate the alarm and call the Police, if necessary. These types of systems are particularly useful for times when your residence or property is empty, for example during holiday periods or at weekends, ensuring that the intruder alarm will not be ignored for long periods of time.

Speech diallers enable the communication of alarm information to a landline or mobile telephone, with or without ARC monitoring to ensure guaranteed protection at all times.