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Warden Call

Warden or Personal alarms are one of the most common ways of providing Telecare services for individuals.

A personal alarm consists of a base alarm unit and a pendant with a button that can be triggered when help is required by the user. When activated, a monitoring centre receives the call and can quickly identify the caller and their address, and in some cases, make a primary diagnosis of the nature and urgency of their need. Nominated response personnel (informal or formal carers) are alerted as required by the situation, following an established protocol which could result, if required, in the dispatch of the emergency services.

The most common types of sensors used are pendants or pull cords. However, automatic alarm formats are also available such as smoke, fire and flood detectors.


Telecare describes any service that brings health and social care directly to a user, generally in their own homes, supported by information and communication technology (Audit Commission 2004).

Existing basic Telecare units include fall alarms, safety sensors for risks such as gas leaks and bath floods, and ‘wander’ monitors for people with dementia.


Telehealth encompasses the remote monitoring of vital signs such as temperature and blood pressure that can be used by medical professionals for diagnosis, assessment and prevention.

It is typically used to support the proactive monitoring of long term health conditions such as Diabetes, COPD and Hypertension.

This fantastic service can help to empower individuals with health concerns by enabling them to take control of vital aspects of their health.

Nurse Call

EFT Systems Ltd can offer the design and installation of both conventional and addressable Nurse Call Systems including wire free, radio operated systems.

Nurse Call Systems are a necessity for any Nursing Home, Hospital or care facility, all of which need the ability to be one step away, no matter the needs of the patient. This type of system is also ideal for individuals looking to remain living in a private property, but want to be sure that their safety and health are covered at all times.

All our nurse call systems are individually tailored to the client's specific Nurse Call requirements, and can include a vast range of bespoke services including staff attack systems or disabled toilet alarms.

As with all systems installed by EFT Systems Ltd our fully qualified team of technicians can carry out regular inspections of your system, ensuring added peace of mind.