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Choosing the right CCTV system (Closed Circuit Television) and having it professionally installed will provide extra safety for your home or commercial premises.

CCTV is a visual surveillance technology designed for monitoring a variety of environments and activities. When EFT Systems install CCTV, you will immediately notice that it acts as a great visual deterrent, lessening the threat of unwanted visitors, giving you peace of mind and security for your premises. On many occasions, video recordings have been acknowledged as effective in helping employers and Police identify criminals whilst conducting crimes.

EFT Systems design, install, commission and maintain CCTV systems for all sizes and types of homes and businesses. “67% of burglars would be put off burgling a house that had CCTV installed, yet only 9% of home owners have CCTV”(Micromark survey of 30 burglars and 1,000 home owners).

Analogue CCTV

EFT Systems understands that CCTV is one of the most cost effective and simple ways to protect your business or your home.

Easy to install and a proven deterrent, analogue CCTV systems can provide you with the peace of mind you desire, quickly and easily. Analogue CCTV systems are excellent value for money, and the ideal choice for private and commercial residences on a budget.

An analogue CCTV system is designed to record security cameras locally only, making analogue most suitable for single locations. For businesses looking for CCTV security at multiple locations, please go to our IP CCTV section. Each system requires its own cabling infrastructure and on-site video recording, which makes these systems most suitable for businesses/premises with the capacity to accommodate the necessary cabling.

An on-site survey by one of our CCTV expert engineers will allow us to provide a tailor-made quotation, based on your specific needs.


EFT Systems believe that IP based cameras are the future. They work by turning images and audio into data then transmitting this data over a network or Internet connection.

The ultimate benefit of this type of system is greater flexibility, better performance and easier installation. IP CCTV systems do not require local recording – they can transmit their images across local networks, the internet and wide area networks to a central location, where they can be recorded, viewed and managed. This makes IP CCTV ideal for premises with little space, such as small businesses and private residences. IP

CCTV systems convert all images to data and have no theoretical limit to resolution, providing the relevant bandwidth to transmit the images exists. Our IP cameras offer especially high detail precision with Megapixel resolution, at least 3x better quality than standard analogue cameras.

IP CCTV systems run over existing IP networks, wired or wireless, which makes wiring IP systems simple, causing less disruption, reducing the time required to install them and minimizing unsightly cables. Simple one-camera systems only require an IP camera connected to a network/internet connection, and they can then be viewed by a PC using Internet Explorer. If POE (Power over Ethernet) IP cameras and networks are used, the IP CCTV cameras do not need separate power; they can be powered via the network cable.

IP CCTV systems communicate using IP, allowing them to integrate and co-exist on the same network/cabling as other IP based systems, such as Access Control and IP Phone Systems. Integration means that these different systems can work together. If for example, an IP camera picking up movement will be able to transmit images of that movement to an IP Video Phone automatically.

IP systems also allow the direct use of IP-based services as standard, such as e-mail or image sending via FTP. EFT Systems survey and advise businesses and private residential clients on the IP CCTV system that is best for them, ensuring value for money and complete security.


A Hybrid CCTV System can record and display IP Cameras and Analogue Cameras into the same Security Recorder.

Utilising a Hybrid System makes it possible to take full advantage of advanced features like video analytics, event controlled functionality, Megapixel Resolution and expansion via the existing LAN Network, whilst also connecting standard analogue CCTV Cameras.

This is a cost effective solution for owners of businesses or private properties, that have already invested in analogue cameras, but wish to make use of the advanced features listed above, without switching to IP.