Security News

Apr 9, 2014

EFT Systems Ltd have been awarded the sole contract for the Regenda Group’s warden call and door access systems.

As of Monday 31 March 2014, Regenda residents living in an Independent Living Community or a property with a communal entrance will benefit from improved customer service and delivery.
The reduction in multiple contractors across the region to just one who can deliver service to the entire North West will improve customer service and delivery to meet the standards expected by Regenda and residents

EFT Systems has over 40 years of experience in the fire and security industry and are recognised as the North West’s leading fire and security company. They will be responsible for any repairs or issues with the warden call or door access systems.
Gary Rostron, mechanical and electrical manager said: "EFT Systems have provided high levels of maintenance and installation works for the Regenda group for the past 10 years and their attention to emergency situations is exceptional. We look forward to the improved efficiencies and consistencies using one contractor will provide the Group.”
Residents wanting to report a repair or issue with door access systems are to contact The Regenda Group as usual on 0344 736 0066.

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